Online ThoughtSpot courses?

Would you be interested in free public online courses on topics related to ThoughtSpot?

What topics would be most helpful?

Do you have a preferred platform that you use for online courses, like Udemy,, or Skillshare?

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  • I would love to see a course for new users of the platform - a basic walkthrough of functionality that we could point them to when they're starting the use the interface. It's pretty easy to pick up, but still requires a bit of our time to answer the same basic questions (we've created a word document walk-through of one of our datasets to help them get familiar). Possibly a short course on formulas that covers common requests would be great too!

    We use Pluralsight and are happy with it as a platform, but I'm not sure how wide adoption is. Lynda is pretty popular and that would work, but even a set of YouTube videos we could point people to would be great!

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  • Ryan McCauley - Have you used the videos located within the help site:

    Starting with 4.4 videos can be found here -

  • Ryan McCauley Thanks for the feedback Ryan.   In addition to the videos that David pointed out we are working on a much more robust/complete set of on-line content that is focused exclusively on end-users.   In addition there is some product functionality coming very soon that will allow you to create a set of answers/pinboards exclusively for training purposes on your data that will walk the end-user thru step by step how the answers were created.   This will enable you to build answers using common features and expose to all new users.

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  • Thanks for the response, and it sounds like you're already on the way to addressing the need!

    Dave Cohen I didn't know about those videos, but they look like exactly the type of content I was asking about. The videos themselves were pretty jumpy, but I'm not sure if that's a hosting issue or something with my PC (I'll try them from home to see if it's better).

    Tom Weeks That sounds like great functionality - I like the "Replay Search" functionality, but this sounds like a more guided version that would help new users understand what they're seeing and not just the steps to recreate a search. Glad to hear it!

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  • I'm excited to see the online end-user content,  Tom Weeks !

    I've had great experience using edX for online courses. Topic-wise (and related, but not specific to ThoughtSpot), I'd love to see some training to really help make data less scary to business users. Things like choosing the best visual to tell the story, & data basics to help make sense of the vocab that's foreign to the non-technical person (ex: Fact vs. dimension tables, NULL, joining key, etc...).   

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  • Ashley Otto we are currently developing a set of engaging, short videos focused specifically on business users.   i would love to get your feedback on these before we formally release, would you be open to us directly contacting you to review?

  • Tom Weeks Definitely! I work directly with our business users & help with some of the training, so I have a pretty good idea of what concepts they struggle with when they first get started with ThoughtSpot. 

  • Ashley Otto mette balizan you two may already know each other, if not, Mette is driving this content creation and be  great for you two to connect.

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  • Tom Weeks Sounds great. mette balizan led some End User Training onsite last year, so I have her contact information. I'll shoot her an email. Thanks!

  • Good Morning, I'm new to ThoughtSpot and have started creating very basic searches and answers.  It's been an exciting journey so far.

    For training, I would like to have access to a "public" version of Thoughtspot with a robust data-set embedded into the site. "public": Perhaps existing registered users of the tool have access to the site.

    ThoughtSpot and hopefully public/community users can than add "answers" and "pinboards" of some of the cool stuff they have learned (or answered from the Q&A portion of this community).  As answers are "re-playable" it's a great way to share templates/solutions.  We can then try to build similar answers with our data later.

    Add in a twitter page to follow and then we know when are where to look if  new "answers" become available that could help us learn.

  • Roland,

    All Good Ideas. After all, why restrict the goodness of Thoughtspot 👍

    You do make a very compelling case for us to work on it right away.

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  • Roland Schlichting  we are looking at a public version, no commitments but hopefully we will surprise you at some point :-).   in the meantime we know of a number of public data sets we could suggest that you could load into your instance if you wanted to provide a "sandbox" for folks internally to play with.   let us know and we would be happy to shoot you a list.

  • Tom Weeks Thank you Tom for the post.  Looking forward to a public version.  I have lots of data for my internal folks. :):)

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  • Hi ThoughtSpot folks - It will be great if there is a public version, so we can play with it first before introducing to end users. Looking forward to it. Thanks

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  • Udemy is our preferred platform for online courses.

  • Peter Galimutti hi Peter, 

    Check out ThoughtSpot U. There are lots of free ThoughtSpot courses and videos you can follow along to. 

  • Marc Price Thanks Marc, co-incidentally I just finished preparing a report for my management. We have team willing to learn ThoughSpot and may go with Virtual Instructor Led Training. We are based out of India and wanted to know if there are any limitation on the audience size. I was about to write to, but just checking to see if you have that information handy. Thanks in advance!

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  • I don't think there is a limit, but probably best to check in with someone from ThoughtSpot... Maybe Paola can help? 

  • Hi Peter Galimutti , nice to e-meet you, I'm with the ThoughtSpot training team. Please reach out to and we will work with you to set you up with the best training for your group. Looking forward to it!

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