Download to PDF to fit in one page


Is there a way I can download an answer to PDF with an option to fit it in one page? 




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  • Hi Lorena Vangjeli Lentz Are you encountering a problem of a viz spilling over onto multiple pages? What version are you on? This "spill over" problem is fixed in 5.3.  There is also a new "pinboard format" that allows you to print multiple visualizations to a single page. 



  • Hi Margie Roginski . Thanks for the quick response. I am on version 5.3.  I am just trying to download one of the answers in one page as opposed to two - it seems like it's saving the last column in a second page and I would rather have it in one.

  • Hi Lorena Vangjeli Lentz  I am guessing you are using the "..." menu that is on the table itself and choosing Download as PDF from there. This has not been ported to our new PDF service. Could you please try using the Download as PDF that is from the pinboard level "..." menu? in the very top right of the pinboard? This should give you a menu that allows you to choose Pinboard format or Visualizations format. Choose Visualizations and you should get a list of visualizations that are in your pinboard, and you can choose just the one table that you want to export. The export format through this menu is much higher fidelity and you will see more columns on a single page.  I'm hoping that you are on 5.3.1 vs 5.3, as the ability to select certain visualizations (ie, vs all)  in visualizatinos mode was added in 5.3.1.

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  • Margie Roginski  Yes, 5.3.1. However, I don't see the option to choose between PinBoard and Visualizations like you showcase above. Is this sth that I need to speak to the engineering team about?

  • Azim Erin Sweeney  Any Idea why I can't see the screen shot that Margie shows above? I believe we are using 5.3.1. Thanks

  • Lorena Vangjeli Lentz we are on v 5.2.3 , custom pdf is available from  v.5.3.x 

  • Azim thanks for the clarification. I will follow up separately on next steps.

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