Are pin'd answers separate copies of the base answer?

Is a pin'd answer disassociated from it's base answer as a separate copy at the point it's pin'd? I would expect pin'd answers to update with changes made to the underlying answer, but that doesn't seem to be the case which leads to confusion and re-work when users are taking advantage of both Answers and Pinboards together.  If they are dissociated, how do you keep answers in-line with the same answers once pin'd?

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  • Hi Jens,

    Every time an answer is pinned, a separate copy of the answer is created and pinned. When the changes are made in the base answer, they do not reflect on the pinboards as they are dissociated.

    This prevents modification of all the pinned answers when the base answer is accidentally changed.

  • As you rightfully inferred, pinned answers are separate from the answer that it was initially based on. I in fact tell my clients to not save as answer at all and only keep pinning it to pinboards, as they rarely need single answers.

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