Automate MS Access data into ThoughtSpot?

Hi guys,

I've had a query from one of the TS users around a Microsoft Access database they have and whether or not it is possible to transfer the data straight into ThoughtSpot.  I'm not a DBA, I'm more a reporting analyst with a working knowledge of databases, so my initial thoughts were to export the data through an Access query then somehow get ThoughtSpot to pick up the CSV file, or even to manually import the file.

However, this would mean someone pressing buttons every morning, and as we all know this would always be prone to user error.

I have seen that there is a way to automate an export using a Task macro in MS Outlook, but again, that means someone pressing a button and I'm really after a more robust and automatic way to do this.

Can anyone offer some advice as to how this can be done?  I do have a more technical person to help me with the back end database stuff, but it's just knowing the process as to how to do it that we can't figure out.

Many thanks in advance!


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  • Hi Lawrence,

    What you need is a regularly schedule script / ETL process that could read from the Access Database and load it into Thoughtspot.

    The script could be something you write in windows based script or you could use an ETL tool like SSIS or Alteryx or Pentaho to load into Thoughtspot. Thoughtspot does have a ODBC / JDBC driver to help you with this.

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  • Siva Singaram 

    Hi Siva, I'll look into that option with one of the data warehouse guys.  Many thanks for your reply!

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