Does ThoughtSpot support Versioning?

We have a requirement to maintain 3 environments within a TS Instance.


Each of these will have a separate connection with Snowflake.

Can someone please guide how can we achieve it in TS?

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  • Hi Siddhi.  I'm making a couple of assumptions here, but it sounds like you have a single cluster and are pointing to a single Snowflake instance and you want to manage different versions of the data connection, worksheets, etc.  Is that correct?  

    We don't really have a built-in way to do this, but we do have some customers that do something similar.  First, you will have to maintain multiple copies of the things you want.  So there would be multiple connections with different names to Snowflake, then different worksheets, and finally different content.  What I have seen is that people often use naming convention and stickers, so DEV_Finance Worksheet, Test_Finance Worksheet, and then Finance Worksheet.

    While much of the work might be manual (particularly changes to pinboards), it is possible to extract, modify, and re-upload worksheets, so you could make that the buffer layer.  I.e. update model and worksheet in test and then migrate the worksheet to prod by changing the name and maybe pointers to data sources.  

    Hopefully this is helpful.  

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  • Bill Back You got the requirement absolutely correct. Thank you for the details and updates on it.

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