Append or Overwrite?

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I have confusion between Append vs Overwrite.

I have Table A loaded in ThoughtSpot. Now I want to load Table B which includes data from Table A and new rows,  Which option should I use Append or Overwrite? My Table B has all records of Table A + New rows. What is a difference between Append vs Overwrite in ThoughtSpot terminology.

Note: My Table A and Table B both has same structure.

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  • The difference between overwrite and append is that overwrite will remove all data from table A and then load the new data.  Append will not remove existing data before loading new data.


    If your new table has all of table A’s data plus new records then you should use overwrite in this scenario.  

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  • Thank you for explanation Tyler Spencer

    One more question.

    I have a situation where I need to load new Table B to Table A.

    In this case my new Table B has 3 more columns than existing Table A.

    There are worksheets and Pinboards which is Depend on Table A. Now I want to replace Table A with Table B so that my new data will reflect to my pinboard and worksheet which I had built on Table A.  I am aware about the rule that new table must be the same number of column and data type.

    However, Is it Possible to change DDL Schema of my existing Table A which is loaded through UI and add more columns so that I can accommodate Table B?. Table B has all the columns Table A has with same data type + additional column.

  • Ketan Siddhapura Currently you cannot add additional fields to a table from the front end. You will have to use TQL to modify the table. If you are not familiar reach out to your admin and check out this page in our docs:

  • Tyler Spencer  I have a admin role and I know how to modify DDL using TQL. My question is how to identiy table in FalconUserDataSchema ? 

    It is listed in default ThoughtSpot naming convention. Please see below screenshot

  • Yes - the reason we do it this way is because we cannot prevent users from uploading files with the same name. 

    If you have front end admin rights you can go to admin > data management > download.  This will give you an excel file with the front end table name (logical table name) and the backend table name (physical table name).  

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