Log In as another User - need to check their shared data(worksheets, tables) and pinboards

How would I log in as another user (I'm the admin) so I can view their experience and access to data (worksheets, tables) and pinboards and answers?

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  • You could ask them to log in and see what they are seeing.  Barring this, since you are an admin, you could create another user manually that belongs to the same groups and see what they see (this is what I do during implementation).  The only thing this doesn't capture are things that are shared with the user as an individual vs. sharing with their groups.  

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  • Bill Back  Thanks for the quick feedback. Can we get this as a feature in new release? Given that there is no resources (per our tickets with support) to view data security (e.g. who is assigned to the pinboards, worksheets, answers, we're left to manually checking each and every object. What other options are available to us to monitor usage of the data etc.?

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  • Jason - this is a frequently requested feature and there is a feature request for it.  I'm looking around internally to see if we might have something unofficial that would suit in the near term while waiting for this feature to be added. 

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  • I'd also like to see a "Proxy As" capability added to ThoughtSpot for admin level roles.  We have SAML and AD enabled so there is no way for us to simply create/test as a test account and I don't like to ask Executives to test their experiences for me. ; )  How can we add our vote to proxy capabilities?   

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