Can you set a custom threshold for DISK_SPACE alerts?

Hey ThoughtSpot Community,

I'm looking for some info I couldn't find in the docs.

There is an alert triggered to the alerts recipients list with the code "DISK_SPACE" when the available disk space on the cluster falls to 10% or below. We recently experienced this alert due to a logging issue/incomplete garbage collection.

Does anyone know if you can customize the alert threshold for this to be sent? I was asked if we could set it to 30% so we have more of a heads up and have more buffer time to fix things before we have system disruption due to a full disk.

Any thoughts?




We are running the cluster on a local ThoughtSpot appliance on version 5.3.1

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  • Hi Joe Bloom I saw this request from you internally. A ticket has been created for you by your SRE, they should get back soon. 
    Have a good day!

  • Thank you, Nikhita Chandra ! Nice to hear from you, and hope you are well.



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  • Joe Bloom Doing great! Hope you are also doing well 🙂. Stay Safe! 

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