Is there a keyword for column alias in TQL ?

I want to use column alias keyword 'AS' like in oracle , but it gives me error in TQL . Is there any alternate for using column alias in thoughtspot ?

TQL [database=XXX]> SELECT "falcon_default_schema"."TABLENAME"."COLUMN" AS "T_COL" from "falcon_default_schema"."TABLENAME";
Error parsing sql, error=Syntax invalid, msg=Unexpected token, token="<missing "
sql="SELECT "falcon_default_schema"."TABLENAME"."COLUMN" AS      "T_COL" ... "

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  • Hi Ambika Salagame ,

    I don't think you can use column alias in TQL currently. I know it is not idea but you could change the column name using TQL, run your select statement, and change it back if required. 



  • Hi Ambika Salagame You should be able to assign an alias to your column using "as" for an aggregated column,  as demonstrated in the screenshot attached.

    But as suggested by Mike Batovsky , Currently You cannot use alias for unaggregated column with TQL.

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  •  Mike Batovsky  and   Snigdha Jha  Thank you for your replies.

    I am using Informatica Powercenter ETL tool to load to TS table . I am using ODBC connection and not Data connector.  In my ETL mapping I am supposed to use alias in the overrride query . So looking for an alternative solution.

    Guideline from Informatica powercenter for Lookup transformation :

    Use an alias for each column in the query.If you do not use column aliases, the mapping task fails with the following error:

    Failed to initialize transformation [<Lookup Transformation Name>]

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