Integrate image in Thought spot pinboard


I need to embed image in thoughtspot pinboard. Can someone advise on how to do that. Thank in advance. 

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  • you can add images to a tooltip 

    you just need to add the following HTML in a column to your dataset

    <img src="{URL_TO IMAGE}.png">

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  • Thanks Marc Price for answering. That's pretty cool! Learned something new today myself.

  • Marc Price Thank you . Actually I am new to thought spot . can you please elaborate on steps on  how can i pinboard an image

  • Marc Price  Wooohooo,I was actually looking to add something like this in one of our  pinboard? Can you please elaborate more on this? Do I need to add a separate column with the image link or add a calculated formula  with this <img src="{URL_TO IMAGE}.png"> ? 


    Thank in advance 

  • This isn't a way to put a custom image on your pinboard but a fun trick to add some eye candy to ThoughtSpot.  You can use UTF8 characters(web search will return hundreds). 

    Here is an example using a formula but you can use UTF8 characters within your data as well.

  • Ruhi you can do either. But it's best to add it as a column in your data and an associated dimension to give it some context


    Maybe I can write up a small blog on how to do this... Let me know if it would be useful 

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  • Krishn ji this isn't to the pinboard directly 


    You upload a column with the above syntax and then add it as a dimension to your chart, I. E the split by colour on a bar chart for example 

    Then when you hover over the bar in the chart, it will render the image as shown above 

  • Marc Price 

    Please post the blog that will be helpful !! Thanks 

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