Visualization - Create Bar chart actual vs target

Need help to create this chart in thoughtspot.

We have fruits dimension (Apple, Mango, Orange) and have different target value (Apple=22%, Mango=39% and Orange=77%)

In the chart will display 12 months of actual value of fruits vs the target. If there is multiple year then the bar chart color will different.

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  • I would be curious to see this solution as well. I'm on version 4.5 (hopefully soon to 5.2) and would like know this is something that I can do in the future.  Not being able to add the metric legend would be a nice option.  Here's my attempt. (made up my own worksheet and numbers) :)

  • Roland Schlichting typo alert. "not being able to add a metric legend would be a nice option"

  • This is what I was able to achieve... Does this help??

  • Hi Rajiv Maskara 

    Thanks for your help, but it's different insight, because your chart compare the value of period dimensions between 2018 and 2019.

    We want to compare actual vs target of the dimension during period of 12 months.

  • Hi,

    Would you need to create three separate formulas; Apple target, Mango target and Orange target?  The formula would be similar to this, maybe:

    Apple target: if ( fruit = 'Apple' ) then 0.22 else null

    Mango target: if ( fruit = 'Mango' ) then 0.39 else null

    Orange target: if ( fruit = 'Orange' ) then 0.77 else null

    I guess that if you have the chart showing correctly by ordering the x-axis by fruit then date, you should get three separate lines.

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