How do I Delete all Worksheets, Pinboards, and Answers?

Currently, if I change a table or worksheet and there are answers and pinboards tied to it...I am prevented from making the change.


How can I reset the pinboards and answers (e.g. delete them) and / or remove the ties to the worksheets?

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  • Hi  Jason Westenskow You can go to Dependents tab for the Worksheet/table and see all the dependent Worksheets/Pinboards/Answers there. Then you can go to the data tab and delete them. 

  • Is there no way to do this in a wholesale manner?

  • Jason Westenskow There is no way to do that from the UI currently. You will have to go through the individual Worksheet/tables and delete the dependents individually.

    Adding extra tables or columns to a Worksheet can be done without breaking anything. However, changes to the worksheets like removing tables/relevant columns are not allowed if an Answer/Pinboard has been created on top of it. Doing this may break all the dependent objects (Answers, Pinboards etc.). If you need to do so, I will suggest you to make a copy of the current Worksheet by clicking on 'Actions', make the changes in the copy, recreate all the objects on top of it and then delete the old Worksheet and dependent Answers/Pinboards.

    Adding extra column to a table which is part of a Worksheet is allowed. Once that is done, you can simply include the column in the Worksheet without breaking anything. However, operations like changing the joins/deleting the underlying tables is not allowed.

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