Changing Data Type through Data Model

Hi All,


Has anyone tried changing the Data Type of a table through the Data Model file (model.csv) through the ThoughtSpot UI?


I understand you're able to change it via TQL:


Are there any repercussions doing through the model csv file?

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  • Changing the data type via the model.csv file is not permitted.

    You will note at the top of the file that under the column name "DataType" it states "DoNotModify".

    If you do change it and ty and upload the model file I suspect it would fail.

  • Paul Froggatt thanks for the reply Paul. I saw that warning, but what's the difference between initiating a tql statement to modify it vs the csv file?

  • I have successfully done this via TQL, but never tried via the model.csv file 

    do you not have access to TQL? 

  • There is a degree of separation, or rather abstraction, between the underlying physical data model in the back-end and the semantic model in the front-end.

    On the back-end, TQL operates at the physical level, note you can't use it to change any semantics for a column such as the column type or the aggregation type etc.

    Equally on the front-end, the model file operates at the semantic level and you can't use it to change any physical attributes such as the physical column name or the datatype.

    So think of them as 2 distinct models with 2 distinct tools to manipulate them.

  • Marc Price Hey Marc, I do. Was just seeing whether this was possible since it seemed to be consolidated within one aspect of the tool. Don't see why we would need terminal access to do this if it could potentially be done through UI. Seeing Paul's response below gives me better understanding.

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  • Paul Froggatt Makes sense, Paul. Thanks for the clarification!

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