Chart Layout Customization

Is it possible to change the layout of the chart/table layout aprt from the default options?

 I want to reduce the size of Totals Tables to show it as a summary Tile.

I have used the smallest layout option. Is it possible to customize it?

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  • Hi Siddhi Doshi Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do? You have a table with a single column and single row and you would like it to headline size? Does the picture represent what you would like? 

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  • Thank you Margie Roginski for your quick reply on this.

    Yes, we have a summary data (Total sales, Total Profit etc) which we want to represent as headline/Tile.

    The screenshot is what it looks as of today, when i pin the table and change it to smallest layout size.

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  • Hi  Siddhi Doshi When you look at the table in "Edit" mode, you should see both the table as well as "headlines" down at the bottom. Here's an example where I have a table with two aggregates, Total Sales and Total Gross Margin. Note that below the table there is a headline for each.

    If you hover over either of the two headlines at the bottom, you will get a "pin" icon in the upper right corner. Try pinning these headlines to your pinboard, rather than the table itself.  This will put just the headlines on your pinboard. Let me know if this is what you are trying to do! 



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  • Yes, Thank you for your response. I was able to get the headlines summary view for aggregates. Is there any way to do the same for attributes eg: Region or Profile etc.

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  • Siddhi Doshi A headline combines all of the values for a column into a single value (an aggregate). What would you like the headline to show for an attribute?

  • Margie Roginski  I have a filter say username, when I select that filter I want to see headlines showing its Profile like - Age, Region, gender, etc.

  • Siddhi Doshi It's best to use a table to show that kind of information 

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  • Siddhi Doshi We cannot currently put attributes in a headline. At this time, as Marc Price suggests, your best bet would be to create a table and display it on the pinboard at the smallest size. It sounds like you would like to have a "single line table" that allows you to display a small amount of information in a very small form factor. As my team moves into the area of pinboard layout, we will think about this - it's a good suggestion, thank you!

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