Invalid datetime error in TS UI

Hi All,


I tried loading data using ThoughtSpot UI and TSLOAD/TQL – while both data load works fine without any ERROR but I can’t see value of any DATE type field, it shows as INVALID DATETIME in TS UI.


Am also able to query it from FALCON database. Attached are screenshots for TQL query and TS UI

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  • it doesn't look like DATETIME data. It looks like it is only a DATE field. 

    have you tried changing the data type to DATE instead of DATETIME? 

  • Hi Marc,

    I never specified DATETIME , I only specified DATE while loading the data

  • Chhaya Vishwakarma in the columns tab, does it say the data type is date? 

    you could also try setting the format pattern for the date field in the columns tab. 

  • tried it, don't see any effect PFA screenshot . Do i need to do something to refresh data after changes ?

  • So there are a few ideas here.

    1) You should determine where the invalid datetime is coming from.  If it is only within the data set, you may ask your administrator to do a sage restart.  This would reset sage and should re-index the data. 

    2) If you are getting Invalid Datetime across your ThoughtSpot front end (e.g. in Admin -> System Health -> Overview=>"Invalid DateTime") checkyour tscli config.  If there is a datetime mismatch between ThoughtSpot (e.g. UTC) against CentOS/Linux (e.g. America/Los_Angeles) then this will appear as invalid datetime in the Front End.

    3) Coordinate with an ThoughtSpot SRE to verify datetime on your cluster.

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