diff_days function has parameters backwards from expected

I used the diff_days function today for the first time and the order of the two inputs is the opposite of what I'd expect. It works properly according to the documentation, which states:

Subtracts the second date from the first date and returns the result in number of days, rounded down if not exact.

This means that you run the function like this:

diff_days(01/31/2017, 01/01/2017) = 30

However, this is the opposite of Excel and T-SQL - in those systems, the result is the number of days between the first and second date, so that the example above would be negative (since the first date is later). This caused some confusion and results in my formulas not being intuitive.

I'm not sure how you correct it without breaking everybody's formulas on existing sheets when they use this function, but if you're planning to introduce something like a "diff_period" function in the future (that takes three parameters - period, date1, and date2), it would be a good chance to line up the layout with other major systems.

Thank you for listening!

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