Ability to Search on Concat Field

I have created a formula for a concat value "123 - Greenapple". The formula is concat(concat(to_string(id ), " - " ), name ). Rendering on a table I get the results no problem. However, when I try to use this field as a filter or search in the search bar, for "123" or "Greenapple" I get no results. I've tried to tune the indexing but not sure thats helping. Running version 4.3.

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  • Steph Fisher , any formulas directly created in an answer will not be indexed. If this formula is present in a worksheet, you can change the index setting for that field, to allow for indexing.

  • Hi Siva Singaram - I had luck with the search bar and turning on indexing. However the filter box still turns up empty. 

  • Siva Singaram - should I submit a ticket for seeing different results for the search bar vs nothing for the filter box? I'm also seeing inconsistent behavior with answers vs pinboards for filters, etc. Thanks!

  • Hi @Steph Fisher  -- Can you elaborate on the inconsistent behavior you noted with answers vs. pinboard for filters? 
     Formula filters also have an additional setting that may help you around indexing. A webex on the exact usecase here will be helpful...

  • Hi Pankaj, 

    I narrowed down the pattern when there's different results between. It's not necessarily answer vs pinboard = different behavior. 

    Different results occur when: 

    1. Search bar results vs filter box results
    2. Multiple filters (date, retailer) vs Single Filter (retailer)



    The formula I have for retailer on the worksheet: concat(concat(to_string (id ), " - " ), name ) . Index for table.id and table.name set to PREFIX_AND_SUBSTRING. Index for worksheet.retailer also set to PREFIX_AND_SUBSTRING.

    What retailer data looks like on Answer: 


    If I do a search in the search bar for retailer = "nord" I get what I expect.


    If I do a filter on answer, this is what populates for everything:


    Still in Answer, if I search within the filter box this is what I get for "nord". I would expect to see results for "nord". Recall search bar showed more results. 



    If I goto the pinboard. The results vary depending on if I have multiple filters. (Same behavior happens for answers with multiple filters). If I start with retailer as the first filter and look for "nor" I would expect to see Nordstrom in the results. Only some results return and do no include Nordstrom. There is no underlying filters on the worksheet that provides the filter for the pinboard.


    On the pinboard, if I set a date filter and a retailer filter, search for "nor", only Nordstrom shows up in the results. This may be okay if the date filter is acting as a cascading filter. However I would expect Nordstrom to show up in the results when using 1 filter, similar to what returns when using the search bar for answers. 


    Pankaj - we can take this up on our webex tomorrow, but I wanted to posted in case others have similar issue. 

  • Pankaj Ahire - I did one more additional test. I tested single field on a worksheet vs single field on worksheet with chasm trap. 

    Single field worksheet - same results for search bar and filter box regardless of multiple filters vs single filter. 

    Single field worksheet w/ chasm trap - different results for search bar and filter box for single filter. 

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  • Steph Fisher Thanks. This is comprehensive and helpful.

    Your observation towards the end of single field wksht w/ chasm trap observing different results is spot-on.

    Look forward to the webex today to see what options exist to mitigate this.

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