TQL for data type DOUBLE and column type ATTRIBUTE

In the create table tql statement, what is the exact wording to make a column's DATA_TYPE = DOUBLE and COLUMN_TYPE = ATTRIBUTE? When I specify DOUBLE for data_type, it defaults to MEASURE for column type but I want it to be ATTRIBUTE because I want the "Geo Config" to be "Latitude" or "Longitude". Please let me know if I am off track here. My  thinking is that data type DOUBLE and column type ATTRIBUTE will give me "Latitude" or "Longitude" in "Geo Type".

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  • Hi Greg,

    In the data tab in the front end, when you click on the table, you will see an interface with all the fields from that table and in that  you will see a drop down for "Column Type". You can change the value to Attrbitute. Also change the two adjoining fields for Additive and Aggregation to "No" and "None". If you have already created the worksheet, you will have to make the same change for the worksheet too.

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  • Siva Singaram 

    I made those changes but in order to get it to show "Longitude" or "Latitude" under the "Geo Config" column it looks like I needed to manually change those from the dropdown.  Is that correct?

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