Credentials while Connecting SSIS to ThoughtSpot.

1. I downloaded 64-bit & 32-bit TSpot odbc driver & tried to install both of them as mentioned in manual TSpot Integration Guide pg.36.

2.Now while configuring them it is displaying "invalid username and password".I don't know what username/password is invalid as I haven't entered any yet.

3.Then I configured SSIS & here it is asking a username/password.

here I am pretty sure these both credentials are same,

Can you help me here what to enter so that driver works perfectly?


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  • Hi Naman,


    ODBC drivers will require logon details in order for a test connection to succeed. You can add default user/password details and it will then use these to validate the connection.


    Tools that use an ODBC driver (such as SSIS) will also want logon details which will override any defaults that you've entered in the driver configuration process. SSIS doesn't necessarily know that you've added credentials at the driver level. That's why you're being asked for logon  details in two places. 


    Generally I'd not store credentials at the ODBC driver level - maybe enter them to validate the connection, but then remove them. You can then enter the correct logon details in SSIS. You are correct that in both cases it's the same credentials, which is a user with manage data permissions. If you've not set up a specific user yet you could test with tsadmin but it's better to create a dedicated user for this activity. 





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