History correction for new data field

I have real time challenge. A table has more than 100+ cols and 200+ M rows. There is request to add another Indicator col.

I am using Tsload here to load the file data into TS tables.

So Adding new column and getting incremental load is fine. 

But issue is how to do history correction here. Cann't we updated new col using PK in backend (TQL)?

like Load the Primary Column and new Indicator field in another table (T2) and update the actual table with this table T2.

As of now i am doing full truncate and load which is really time consuming.

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  • Not a direct answer to your question however why not just keep the tables separate and join with a PK/FK relationship? Then you only need to truncate and load the 'dimensional' table. This should be much faster as it would only have two columns: the PK and the indicator.

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