TQL Upsert, does it update the values in a table even when there is no change in it?

I have a script automatically running to update the value on a table with primary key.

I wanted to know when the upsert runs does it update the value in rows even when there is no change in the row data?

I also wanted to know if its frequently updated, does it impact the performance by rebuilding the Statistics of all the tables/ just this table?

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  • 1. An upsert is based upon the primary key. It will update the row if it is present present in the source data. Therefore to improve performance rows rows with no change could be removed from the files.

    2. Currently all indexes are created when a table is updated. 

  • Damian Waldron  Thanks for the reply. 

    Another question is while updating the indexes, will it update the index only for the target table, or for all the tables in the target database?

  • Idea T all indexes across the system. I.e. all databases.

  •  Damian Waldron  Thank you

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