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We have customer data from all over the world and users frequently want to geomap data. In some of our other tools, the list of supported countries for postal code geomapping is limited.  Is there a definitive list of locations for which ThoughtSpot will support postal codes?  We need to communicate this information to users so that they are aware of any limitations that may exist.  Thanks.

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  • So, I can retract this.  I see where this is handled in the geocoding config for postal codes.   The code support is actually pretty thin and is limited to US, UK, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, and France.  Sort of Surprised that Canada is not in this list.

    Also, I see that you can only select one country at a time.  If I have a table that contains addresses from both the US and UK, I can't do geocoding by Postal Code for both at the same time.

    Are there any plans to work past these restrictions?

  • Michael Lee great questions you will have a response from the appropriate product owner here shortly!

  • Hey Michael Lee ,

    Yes, you're correct, we initially built our geomaps for US only, and are continuing to add more countries as we get requests for them. 

    The table with multiple countries is a good one! We surprisingly have yet to receive any requests for this, but definitely will note it down as an improvement we should include. For both this and Canada support, we don't have a specific timeline for, but can keep you updated. Let us know if there's other countries you are hoping to be able to map as well.  

    As for getting around these restrictions currently, probably the best way to do so is to convert the postal-codes to Lat/Long, and then bring them into ThoughtSpot. We currently map them as a point in the center of the postal code, so it would have the same visualization. 

  • Thanks Yotam.  We have actually determined already that we will probably need to do that lat/long conversion to workaround for now.  I sort of saw that as the only option and I alerted our product team that it would likely be our only option.

    In the meantime, feel free to consider this as an official request for the ability to allow multiple countries in the same table.  This situation is the norm in our data and not the exception, so +1 for this idea!  :)  Thanks!

  • Yotam Dror We really need Canada added to the list of countries ThoughtSpot. 

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