Setting status of data

I am trying to set the status of a row based off of other data... let me show you an example: 

Number    status    new_Status

1                    dev         test

1                     test        test

2                     dev       dev

so if there is test in the "status" column I want the new status to be test for all instances of the number 

what formula do I need for new_status??

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  • Hi Marc Price ,

    What about trying Group_Max. Since "test" is alphabetically after "dev" it works. I have included some screen shots of my test.



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  • Playing off of Mike's idea above, you might think to include an intermediary formula to order those nominal values. This would allow you to rank as many statuses as you wish, regardless of their alphabetical order.

    formula: ordered_status

           if ( status = "dev" )  then concat ( "01 - " , status )
      else if ( status = "test" ) then concat ( "02 - " , status )
      else null

    formula: new_status

    group_max ( ordered_status , number )
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  • thanks both, looks like both of these options with work! 

  • Nicholas Cooper Mike Batovsky , is there a reason why this wouldn't work when added to a area chart to split by colour? 


    Keeps saying I need unique values on the Y axis.... Very frustrating! 

  • Marc Price can you share your search and current version of TS for the stacked area chart? I've had trouble with this one in the past as well.

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