How to show Top N days in year

Hello all,

If i have table with daily data for some metric, how do I show top N days by year. I can do individual Top N days, or Top N months, but I want to then group by Year.

How do I format my search. I only have date column in table.



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  • S Shah Just to understand your use case better. Are you looking to get top n days by a particular metric for each year? Or you want top n days across all the years and just want to see the corresponding year in another column?

  • Archit Bansal (Spotter) 

    Hey Archit,

    Good afternoon.

    I have 3 dimension and several measures in the tableau report that I am trying to recreate as much as I can in TS. There are several views in my tableau report.

    1.  Top 10 overall in all the years for a given measure ( sales / profit ) etc. Then the dimensions are filters that allows to just dissect.

    2.  Top 3 or 4 highest by each year for given measure. ..

    image attached by year ..

    3.  Top Days ( sunday / monday ) out of entire dataset.. (i.e. all years)

    4. Top Holidays similarly..

    5.  Top Months ( So out of all 8 years of data, each January sorted in descending order to highlight which Jan was better ).. 


    Hope this helps

    S Shah

  • Hi  S Shah ,

    Thanks for explaining the use case in detail.

    For 2. (Top 3 or 4 highest by each year for given measure), you can use our "for each" keyword in following manner.

    1. Create a formula for year. year : "year(date)".
    2. Search Query : "top 3 date daily sort by sales for each year".

    Please let us know if you need help with other scenarios as well.

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