Bug with sharing, then un-sharing?

One of our testers ran into the following situation.  I've been able to reproduce and am wondering if this is truly a bug or if there's something else going on.  We're using RLS and USER1 and USER2 are in the same group and sharing is turned on for the users and the group.  The group does not have any special privileges.


1.       Login with USER1 and execute any Search. Pin the Search results using Pin icon.

2.       Create a new Pinboard in the pop-up and then click on Add. Go to PINBOARDS page and check that newly created Pinboard will appear in the list of Pinboards.

3.       Share the newly created Pinboard and in the Share pop-up, select USER2. Click on ADD button.

4.       Logout the USER1 and login with USER2. Go to PINBOARDS page and observe that the shared Pinboard is appearing in the list.

5.       Mark this Pinboard as Favorite for USER2 using Favorite icon. Go to Home page and check that this Pinboard will appear in the Favorite module of the Home page.

6.       Now, login with USER1 and remove the USER2 from the Share pop-up of this Pinboard.

7.       Now, login again with USER2 and observe that Favorite module on the Home page shows an error message, “Oops, looks like an error. Try refreshing the page.”


After refreshing the page, the message still remains.  Additionally, if USER2 tags a different pinboard as a favorite, it will show as a favorite under the Pinboard tab, but it won't show as a favorite on the home screen.  “Oops, looks like an error. Try refreshing the page.” is still being displayed.

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  • Michael Darrow Thank you for filing such a detailed bug report. We really appreciate it. I cannot reproduce this issue on the latest release. Can you please give us the version number for your cluster? You can find it by clicking on the ? icon on right top > Help.

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  • Sorry about that.  We're on 5.2

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  • Michael Darrow we have fixed this issue on 5.2.4, and 5.3.1

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  • Ok, thank you.  We're planning to upgrade soon, so hopefully this won't be an issue for us.

  • Michael Darrow perfect!

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