What are your favorite ThoughtSpot 'Quick Tips'?

As a part of our production roll out to our user community, I send out a weekly 'Quick Tips' email series. This is in conjunction with weekly 'Office Hours', regular training sessions/onboarding sessions, and adhoc specialty sessions (like how to write Formulas), and regular data update announcements. I like to check in with our users and use their questions as a base for the next quick tip. I'm very interested to see/hear what others who have launched ThoughtSpot think!

What are some of your favorite 'Quick Tips' to share with your user community? What are some of the 'Did you knows?' that you find really engage your user base?

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  • Hi Tracie, 

    we do something very similar. 

    but we are trying to allow the user community to send out their own quick tips via channels like a Yammer group, or a Teams page instead of them all coming from the central team. 

    we find that someone will ask a questions and then the user community (who know the data the best) will be quick to answer with a quick tip

    you can then use these as examples in your weekly comms 

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  • Tracie, it's great that you are sending Tips & Tricks to your users. The following actions are highly correlated with user retention and help new users ease into ThoughtSpot. 

    1) Search > Select the search data source from the left panel
    2) Search > Double click to add columns from left panel 
    3) Search > Hover and click on filters in the left panel 
    4) Pin viz to existing or new Pinboard 
    5) Edit chart configuration


    You can include some short videos, that cover the above topics, in your emails:


    Intro to ThoughtSpot (43 secs)



    Your First Search (1min 23secs)


    Refining Data Using Filters (1min 29secs)



    Intro to Pinboards (1min 9 secs)



    Intro to SpotIQ (1min 7 secs)



    Please do let us know what worked in your email campaigns and what did not. If you want, I can get you embeddable video URLs for emails/Yammer etc.  

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