Filtering Sales by Total Sales Value



I am running queries which rank our customers by sales value each month - but as you would expect we have a large number of very small customers making up a small proportion of the revenue. I am trying to apply a filter to filter on only the significant customers, so the charts are not overfilled. For example filtering on customers whose sales were >$100k last month, but it is not working as I would hope.

The sales data itself is built up from an invoice level, so when I filter on sales>$100k it appears to filter on invoices with a value above $100k which is not what I am looking for. Is there a way to apply such a filter?


Also one further question:

When I create a Dashboard for multiple reports and create dashboard-level filters which apply to all the underlying reports, why do those filters not apply when I edit one of those reports?


Thanks in advance!

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