Joining using a derived column (formula)

Hi All,

I am trying to join a two worksheets using a derived column as a test.

Worksheet A is fairly standard. Created from raw text imported into ThoughtSpot (Table A).

Worksheet B has a derived column based on the raw data of Table B. It is a substr formula for the first 3 characters [substr( COLUMN ,0 , 3 )].

Trying to create a relationship from Worksheet A which has this column included in the dataset itself joining to Worksheet B where this column only exists as a formula fails every time.

Would like to see why this join doesn't work.


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  • Off the top of my head I dont think it is possible to join 2 worksheets together. 

    I think you can only join tables or views within a single worksheet. 

  • Marc Price Hi Marc, tables I understand but could you elaborate on views? Aren't worksheets essentially views?

  • a view is a dataset that is saved from the result of an search query. 

    for example:

    you search for : total sales by product. Then filter that to only show last weeks data. 

    you can save the dataset as a view and use it as a data source in a new query. 

    Its mostly used for nested queries. Which is essentially the same as the new "In" feature included in version 5.2. 

    does that make sense? 

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  • Marc Price Views don't exist in do they? I don't recall seeing joins from views, only Worksheets or Data.

  • Alex Zheng ahh I'm not sure to be honest. Maybe not 


    I'm on 5.1 at the moment. 

  • Marc Price Ahh.... okay. We'll, we're getting our environments upgraded to 5.2 soon so this might be a non-issue. In speaking with TS Engineering & support, there's a command to enable on the backend to allow aggregate worksheets. We haven't tested this yet in

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