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In the "news and announcements" community, should there be an official thread that shows the current release history/timeline? I ask because we're using 4.2.3 right now and I'm eagerly awaiting 4.3/4.4 (though interested in 4.2.X patches as well), but I have to keep checking with our account rep to see if it's been released yet and I'm not aware of a place I can go to find out without bothering them.

If this exists somewhere and I'm not aware, please let me know and I'll start checking there instead.

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  • this is absolutely true. I keep asking for information and still have not gotten anything.


    On a side note, we just upgraded to 4.3 to solve all of the issues we've been having on 4.2.3. Hope that helps

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  • Jason Westenskow I didn't realize 4.3 was out yet - hence my request :) Glad to hear you're having a good experience - I don't think we're having any real pain with 4.2.3, though I wasn't a huge far of the default color palette so we switched it back out for the colors from 3.5.7 (manually). I'll talk to support about updating our deployment!

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  • Ryan McCauley & Jason Westenskow  - can y'all share some of the issues around 4.2.3 that you had? We found that upgrading to 4.3 resolved some of our issues around chasm trap math, conversion strings (to_string; to_integer), concat formula bug, unexplained slow performance for question/answers, etc. 

    With 4.3 we also had a lot of resolutions, but some of the big issues still facing: 

    -Enabling aggregated worksheet join to table for certain business cases (I want to proof it out so I don't have to request transformations outside of TS)

    -Filtering via search bar vs filter box yields different results, depending on if there are multiple filters or chasm trap present

    -UI Browser crash when typing in formula and waiting for population of available objects with same name (for example column named date, formula named date)

    -Charts render fine in answers, but if setting scale or other viz setting, do not render correctly on pinboards - this is present for ALL versions we've been on including now with 4.3

    - Unique count vs count has dramatic performance difference when chasm trap present

    - RLS security limitations

    - Data loading - configuration of system and limitations

    I do have a more exhaustive list that includes items like color picker, KPI box viz, etc. but above is the higher priority items. 

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  • We haven't had any visualization issues I'm aware of (though we have a relatively small user base), though I have noticed some lags in rendering that I hadn't really given much thought, but I don't think were present in 3.5.7. We also don't have any worksheet to worksheet joins or chasm traps (though we will soon), so we wouldn't have observed those performance issues.

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  • Steph Fisher much of what you brought up was what we experienced. Worksheet to worksheet joins are still unknown in 4.3 but the unexplained performance issues were constant and seemed to show up when using the search bar for inserting dimensions / measures vs. double-clicking them in from the left-panel.

    All in all, 4.3 has shown better performance within the AWS install method - I'm told that is primarily due to the switch to CENTOS vs. UBUNTU.

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  • Jason Westenskow - Exciting to hear y'all are on AWS - we are as well. 

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