Filter a worksheet

How can I apply a filter in a worksheet to allow only a certain set of data through?

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  • It is not possible to apply filters in a worksheet directly. However, there is an easy workaround for it. Assuming you do not want the filters to be included in the query, we need to create an aggregated worksheet i.e. worksheet on top of a worksheet.

    Steps for doing this are-
    1. Perform a search choosing your worksheet as the data source.
    2. Include the filters in the search query(search bar).
    3. Under actions, select “Save as worksheet”.
    4. The worksheet created is an aggregated worksheet which contains the filtered content.

  • Nikhita Chandra

    Hi Nikhita,

    Is it possible choose worksheet as a global filter in Pinboard?

    I am thinking to have various answers in one Pinboard, and want to apply various worksheet as a filter, so user can have ability to see different infomation in same Pinboard based on worksheet he/she can select from global filter

  • Hi  Ketan Siddhapura 

    You cannot choose Worksheet as a filter on a Pinboard. 

    To organize your work the way you mentioned it, I will suggest creating separate pinboards out of the different worksheets.

    In a single Pinboard, you can only filter based on the column values in a Worksheet.

    Let me know if this helps.




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