System Usage by User Groups

Is there a way to monitor system usage by user groups? I'd like to monitor pinboard activity (view, drilldowns, etc) by internal users & external users.

So far, the best I've come up with is using the TS: BI Server worksheet and using a formula column in each of my searches that looks at the User column to see if it contains our domain and sorting between internal users & external users. It works, but I'd prefer to use the users' group instead. 

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  • I would also like to do this but I don't think groups are tracked anywhere 

  • You can extract the user names and user groups from Active Directory into a table that can be loaded in ThoughtSpot (ensure the table is configured to auto-refresh). A popular approach to extract the data is to develop a python script that extracts users and groups from Active Directory. You will need to convert the TS:BI Server worksheet into a View. Converting the Worksheet to a View will enable you to join TS:BI Server data with the Active Directory table. Next, you will want to create a new worksheet where you will join the User ID and User Group columns from the Active Directory source with the TS:BI Server View. You will need to consider your approach to security.  Some customers choose to duplicate users across multiple groups, while others have a unique user in each user group.  Depending on your approach to security, you will want to determine how to filter on the user groups to avoid double counting.

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  • Hi Calli , 

    When I converted the TS:BI Server table to a view, it only allows me to join it to other TS:XXXX tables (via the UI) and not a table containing my Active Directory data. Does the join need to be done via TQL? 

    I am using version 5.2.2 

  • forget that... 

    I have resolved it. I needed to join the TS: BI Server worksheet to my Active Directory table.

    for others that want to do something similar: 


    1. In the data tab, click TS: BI Server
    2. In the Schema Tab, Change from "Joins within this worksheet" to "Joins from this worksheet" 
    3. Click the "Add Join" button 
    4. Create a join from the TS: BI Server table to your table that contains the Active directory date. 

    Go into Search, add both the TS: BI Server and the Active Directory data sources and you will then be able to search across both data sources. 

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