How to add more columns in a table?

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Is there any way to add more columns to the table which was uploaded via thoughtspot UI? I have uploaded a CSV from the front end but now I have another CSV with more columns. How do I do that?



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  • So, I see there are two options:


    i. Delete the table and upload the new table with more columns.. I am assuming, you have already built content on that and thats perhaps why you are looking to add columns as opposed to uploading a new one...


    ii. You can do it through TQL if you have backend access.. Do you?

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  • Thank you for providing a quick answer but I have a few questions.

    1.) If I use the first option and upload a new table on top of the old one, will I be able to retain the formulas that I have created in the old worksheet? Also, I have created a pinboard for it and my only concern is that I don't want to lose my work.

    2.) I have access to the backend, but I am unable to find this table there. Is it because I imported data using CSV from the front end?

  • For option 1, you will need to recreate everyting. Don't delete the old one until you have uploaded the new table and recreated your formulas and pinboard. 

    option 2, the table will be in the FalconUserDataDataBase database. It wont have the same table name as the file you uploaded. To find the table type: 

    script database FalconUserDataDataBase; 

    this will create the DDL used to create the table, look for something like: 


    CREATE DIMENSION TABLE "FalconUserDataSchema"."USERDATA-xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" (
    list of columns...

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