Geospatial Searching - Dynamically Calculate distance of results from my search value

Anyone know of a way to dynamically calculate the distance of my search results from the starting point specified in my search? 

For instance, I want to search "clients near Zip X within 50 miles" and see all my client names within 50 miles. Then I'd like to add a column that would show the distance from my search zip code (Zip X) to each of my clients that are within 50 miles.  

I'd like to have this as a formula in a worksheet so users don't have to add or update the lat/long values in a spherical distance formula every time they search with a new zip code. 

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  • @Ashley Otto this isn't possible currently and it would definitely be helpful to have a way to display the calculated distance in the UI. I'm moving your post over to the Feedback section.

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