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Can PowerBI read from ThoughtSpot?  How?

Thank you!

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  • Hi Karen,

    Am I understanding you correctly - that you are trying to create charts in PowerBI from data that resides in ThoughtSpot? 

    Could you tell us a little more about your use cases and what you are trying to achieve in PowerBI?

  • Margie Roginski Examples below of what I'm trying to create, thanks.

  • Karen Daugherty also comments from field that in TS we just show #'s so it's hard to tell what's a '%' versus actual numbers so a more challenging user experience (yes, we can put it in every header title but again it's about quick, easy to read experience).

  • Karen Daugherty Thanks for the additional information. We are actively working on formatting enhancements that will give you the ability to display percentages easily. Improvements to pinboard organization, which will give you more flexibility in layout, are also on our roadmap.


    As far as getting the data into PowerBI, where is the data now, that you want to send over to PowerBI? 

  • Margie Roginski the data is in ThoughtSpot

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