Use Versus for Comparison Analysis Webinar (Video and Slide Deck) (8/9/2018)


Welcome to the webinar follow-up and discussion on using Versus for Comparison Analysis. Here, you can watch the webinar for the first time or rewatch it to catch something you missed. 

Slide Deck

Comparison Analysis Slide Deck

Practice what you learned

We think it helps to practice what you learned in the webinar. So, we have the same data you saw Siva use in the video. You can download the data, it is a CSV file, and upload it to your own instance for practice. Remember, the Versus (vs) feature requires 4.5 or higher of ThoughtSpot.

Download our sample data set

If you aren't sure how to upload data, our documentation explains how.

About comparison analysis

Most types of analysis with Business Intelligence tools requires some kind of comparison. You might compare the values of one attribute against the values of another, compare values from one time period to another, or compare values of an attribute as a proportion of the whole, and so on. Typically, it's been tough to do such comparisons in most BI tools.

Meet the "versus" keyword

In version 4.5 of ThoughtSpot, we introduced the "versus" (alias, "vs") keyword which makes such comparisons very powerful and very intuitive at the same time. Our first few users have been raving about this new feature.

What's covered in the webinar

In this webinar, we will:

  • Learn how to use the "versus" keyword for basic comparisons
  • Use "versus" for very complex filters
  • Learn about grouping capabilities at different levels within our "versus"
  • Use "versus" with formulas to allow for even more custom calculation

About the presenter

Siva Singaram is the Director of Product Management at ThoughtSpot. He has more than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

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  • Good content here Siva and Victoria.  Suggest everyone new to 4.5 to watch this one.  👏

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  • Thanks for the kind words Roland Schlichting . Doing this kind of comparison with other BI tools is not very easy. Many of our customers are blown away by how very intuitive it is to do comparison with the "versus" keyword but at the same time how very powerful it is with all different kinds of combinations that we allow. Kudos to our engineering team to make this happen.

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