Worksheet dimensions switch : mass update script ?


We do need to implement a change at worksheet switching from a calculated dimension (at WS level) to another dimension from fact. Basically the initial calulation at WS level has been pushed at DB level.

we cannot remove former calculation without changing any single answer/pinboard relying on it. in our case, we are facing about 100+ answer/pinboards to change before being able to remove former calculation. this manual step wouldn't sustainable on our side moving forward.

Is there any mass update method to ease that dimension owner switch ?

I understood for switching a pinboard owner to a new, we would there would be a python script to run.

there might be a script available for a dimension switch targeting related all answers/pinboards related. does that exist ? if not, would it possible ?

thanks for your support,



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  • Hi pa , thank you for your question.

    I believe the best way to answer this question is to sit down during an office hour session with our customer success team. Here's the link to sign up:

    I hope that your question gets resolved soon!

  • Hi pa  In ThoughtSpot version 6.0, worksheets can be programmatically updated using an exportable YAML file.  One of the many things this allows you to do is switch the reference point for any column/formula in your worksheet to any other column without having to manually update all dependent answers/pinboards.  Here is some relevant documentation for this topic:

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  • Ah, disregard my message pa . It looks like Tyler Spencer has found some documentation to help. Thanks Tyler 🎉

  • ok great, thanks for feedback Paola & advice Tyler.

    I will test the switch from .yaml directly and revert if issue but should be fine.

    Tyler Spencer I would keen to get details of what you mention about the "many things" YAML file allow you to do. would have any doc/presentation summurizing  these things ? tks

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  • The scenarios where worksheet scriptability are useful can broadly be found in the first link that I posted above. 

    The YAML file is a completely configurable representation of your worksheet.  It allows you to do things that are also pretty easy to do in the worksheet editor itself.  I.e. change a column name, add a formatting type, etc.  Take a deeper look at some of the variables in the YAML doc to get a sense of what is configurable.

    But it also allows you to do things that are a little more challenging, like managing multiple join paths, mass updating formulas, exporting/importing worksheets between environments. 

    By far my favorite thing about worksheet scriptability though is that it gives you the flexibility to change your underlying schema and modify column references without impacting all the objects built on top of the schema

  • Tyler Spencer  thanks for your inputs sharing background. 

    still need to deep dive into advanced use cases but I was able to switch from 1 column to another on a small test. definitely promising feature moving forward for the flexibility provided & ability to release from lower to upper environment.

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  • I really like this worksheet script feature 

    Would be good to have something similar for answers and pinboards too 

  • 😉

  • Marc Price  fully agree, is that on road map ?

  • pa going from Tyler's response, I would guess it is on the roadmap... 

  • Sure Marc, got that also, was more looking for a TS confirmation rather than my own assumption interpreting... 😉 but may not be the right timing disclosing. would be goog to split back from front end anyway

  • pa Yes scriptable Pinboards and Answers are currently in our Roadmap for 2020, subject to Safe Harbour of course:

    "Certain information contained in this reply is forward-looking in nature. Any expectations based on these forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties and other important factors. These and many other factors could cause delivery of products, features or enhancements to differ materially from expectations based on these forward-looking statements. ThoughtSpot does not undertake an obligation to update its forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances."

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  • @Paul Froggatt sorry for late reply ... good  news ! thanks for confirmation Paul, of course fully understand your disclaimer point

    looking forward to use these new functionalities coming soon then !

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