Multiple Filters on Dataconnect

I'm wondering if there is a way to add boolean logic to filters on Dataconnect. In this case, I want to filter a column that has three values: Online, On-Campus, and Null. I want dataconnect to pull in only the online and null values. 

However, when I add a filter that exclude only "On-Campus", null values are also excluded. The same goes for a filter that only includes "Online". No null values. It seems that the only way nulls are pulled in is when there are no filters. 

Ideally I'd like to have two filters with "or" logic, (I.E., column = "online" or is_Null). Is there a way to add this logic to two different filters, or to add it to one filter? Open to advice if anyone has experience with this. Thanks! 

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  • Hi Michael,
    Could you please send an email to ? We can get on a call to look at your scenario and help you.


  • I have the same scenario, and would like to know if this was solved?

  • Prerna Ellch One alternative is to use a TQL post-script to delete the rows you want to filter. For example, DELETE FROM <TABLE> WHERE COLUMN = 'ONLINE';

    You will see this option on Step 3.

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  • Vanessa McAfee Yes, I tried this and it worked, i.e. the conditional filtering was successful, without the NULLS getting filtered out. Thanks!

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