Filter on minutes (from timestamp)

We have a timestamp field.


I was trying to setup a filter on a pinboard by which a user could select the minute of the hour.


However it did not work, as when clicking on the filter on the pinboard, an error message indicates TIME filter can only be changed via the search bar.

so then I tried this simple worksheet formula


to_string(measurement_timestamp , '%M')


but the %M did not appear to grab the minutes portion of the timestamp

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  • 1.      Strip out the minute portion of a datetime column within a worksheet-level formula; like this:


    to_integer (to_string ( incident_date , '%M' ) ) 


    2.      Save the worksheet.


    3.     Ensure that your new minutes column is listed as an attribute within the worksheet.  Ensure that there is no aggregation type selected.


    4.     Add the filter to a pinboard related to the same worksheet.  You should now be able to filter on the minutes portion of the timestamp.

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