Visualization: Bar and Line in a graph

Hi ,

I have time series in X-axis and a couple of measures in Y-axis.

We have been asked to check the feasibility to represent some of the measures as BARS and rest of the measures as LINES.

Is it something achievable in ThoughtSpot as below?  



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  • Hi Ravi,

    You cannot do this right now, other than to create a line-column chart or a line-stackedcolumn chart, but in those you don't have the ability to specify how many lines you have.


    However, we are actively working on a new design for chart configuration and I think this is a great idea (I am the product manager for this area). I will be talking with our designer more about it. It's too early to give you  an ETA but we are working to get some great new functionality out and I'd love to include this.


  • Hi Ravi,

    After looking at this a little more I need to revise my answer.  Our column-line chart actually does show a column chart with multiple lines. As you add more items to your Y axis, you get additional lines. However, I believe we have a bug that is causing you to not be able to put a dimension on the legend when you have this configuration.  I will consult with our dev team on this.

  • We also have similar ability in our line stacked column chart, but in that case, the user is able to place something on the legend in order to segment the bars into 'n' slices, as shown below.  I see no reason why in the line column chart, the user shouldn't be able to also place a dimension on legend, in which case it would create 'n' bars for each of the red bars above.


    Line stacked column chart using legend:

  • Thanks for the response. 

    What I see from the Line Column graph is that first measure is defaulted to Bar and rest of the measures as Lines. 

    Suppose, if we have 4 measures, can we make 2 measures as Bar and rest of 2 measures as line. 




  • Hi Ravi,

    It is not possible at this time to have a chart with multiple measures on different bars and also measures on lines. We are considering how to add flexibility to our charts, but this is still in very early stages.


  • Waiting for upcoming releases.

  • Margie Roginski Thanks for considering this. I am also looking for the same configuaration where in i can choose on number of bars and lines to be included

  • Hi Margie,


    Kindly share if you have any updates on this fix.



  • Hi  Puru Routhu ,

    It sounds like what you are trying to do is create a dimension that is made up of a set of measures.  It is on the roadmap, but at this time we don't suport this. In order to do this now I think you would need to use ETL to create a table that "pivots" your data such that the measures type becomes a dimension and the measure value becomes a single column. Do you have a contact on our customer service side that you have been speaking with? Perhaps I can work with them to help you get a solution.



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