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Noticed an error when performing a pinboard answer replay in  Error Message:  "search has unsupported token type" and then went on to list some variables.  

Has anyone seen this before or have any experiences to share?



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  • Hi Roland Schlichting only searches with column names are supported currently. You will get this error if your search contains filters, formulas, or keywords other than "by". We are working on adding more supported tokens to this feature. 

  • Vanessa McAfee Thank you for the quick response Vanessa.

  • Vanessa McAfee Hello Vanessa, its been 8 months, any progress on adding more support tokens.  Optimally like to be able to see some of the formulas and filters being displayed in the playback.  

  • +1 on this topic. Unfortunately, the lack of support for filters makes a otherwise amazing feature quite useless....

  • Stefan Ekström Vanessa McAfee It's would be an amazing opportunity for non-admins in the tool to train partners/colleagues, however the limitations make it difficult to leverage.  Even native ThoughtSpot keywords (last 2 months, vs, last year) don't work. Be nice to see this updated for filters, keywords, etc.

  • Roland Schlichting We have updated Learn/Answer Replay in 5.0. Have you tried it out and do you have any more feedback? We now support most of the Search features except Conditional Formatting, User Defined Formulae, Multiple Join Paths, and Bulk Filters.

  • Given that most data is very raw and needs user defined formulas to navigate,search with meaning.  It would be great to see this updated.

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