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We have connected our ThoughtSpot to Snowflake and in doing so , we now have access to the SF billing tables.  I have seen various Snowflake models on-line from other applications (screen shot of one such example), but I'm curious if someone has already created on a TS pinboad of the Snowflake costs. 

I'm looking to save some time in identifying the Snowflake Tables and connecting them as to how they all comes together.  If anyone has a pinboard with this information and can they can share the details - that would be great - if not, once i'm complete i'll re-post back so everyone can benefit.

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  • Hi Greig DeSautel ,
    That is a great use case that can be leveraged using Thoughtspot. Month over month analysis and drill down are some of the advantages that Thoughtspot provides for Cloud Cost control Optimization use cases. We created similar pinboard as a part of our internal Cloud cost control.

    These are the tables that I leveraged :
    WAREHOUSE_METERING_HISTORY for Credits spent by each Warehouse and User over time
    QUERY_HISTORY for Credits Spent for Cloud Service  by Users and # of users by each warehouse over time
    LOAD_HISTORY for Identifying Tables that were populated with heavy data volume (this week Vs Last week)

    If this is something you are looking for, I can also share some of the search queries I created on top of above mentioned tables. 

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  • That is exactly what i'm after - Yes, I would very much welcome that additional information so I can created a simply type pinboard

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Greig DeSautel
    I have consolidated all the queries next to the chart here. 
    Please let me know if you need more details around this. 
    It definitely is an iterative effort and I can imagine many more insights important for each company that can be built on top of snowflake tables.

  • THANKS!   I've slotted time next week to get his completed and will let you know if I have any questions or issues.

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  • again my thanks - I've been able to recreate the visual you offered and now as I understand the Snowflake data, i'm sure others will follow.  THANKS!

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  • OK - now I have another question - now that i've connected these tables to ThoughtSpot, we are now seeing queries in Snowflake running around the clock - is there something special about connecting these tables to TS causing TS to continue to query SF around the clock.  We show queries begin executed in SF at 1:30am when no one is in TS.  So why would we see queries being executed around the clock ?

  • here is an example of the queries that keep running  - as you can see from the screen - this query is running again and again and the SFQuery.bmp is an example of the query itself - so why is this running

  • Hi Greig,

    We run these queries and gather the unique values of different columns so as to quickly suggest values when people type in to the search bar. For e.g. by running the first query, we gather the different warehouse sizes as "Small", "Medium" ,e.t.c. When someone starts typing in "2X", we will immediately suggest "2XLarge".

    You can control this behavior at various levels. You can turn it off for individual fields by changing the "Index Type" value in the Embrace table. You can turn it off for the entire cluster also or you can change the frequency of this indexing.

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