Has anyone changed the admin reply email?

When users share or set scheduled distributions the email they receive has
"From: admin <no-reply@customer.thoughtspot.com> "
Is there a way we can we change the "reply" name from ‘admin’ to something more meaningful like “Thoughtspot Admin” ?

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  • I think you can use tscli 


    tscli smtp set-mailfromname mailfromname


    Sets the name from where email alerts are sent for the cluster.

    It is the first half of the email address, the part before the @ sign. In example@company.com, it is example.


    tscli smtp set-mailname mailname


    Sets the domain from where email alerts are sent for the cluster.

    It is the second half of the email address, the part after the @ sign. In example@company.com, it is company.


    But someone from ThoughtSpot will be able to confirm. 

  • Hi Marc, you are correct as confirmed by TS Support.

    ThoughtSpot Technical Support: You can change from email by running the following command from command line.
    tscli smtp set-mailfromname <email address>.

  • Hello David, 

      What you will want to do is: 
    1. cat ~/.muttrc > ~/muttrc.bk
    2. tscli command run --dest_dir ~/x "sed -i 's/admin/<USER_NAME>/' ~/.muttrc"

    Step 1: This will create a backup of your original .muttrc file. 

    Step 2: This will change all occurrences of admin to the name you specify. 
    For example this would change all the instances of admin to David in the file. 
    tscli command run --dest_dir ~/x "sed -i 's/admin/David/' ~/.muttrc"


    Be warned that if your email address contains admin it will be changed as well.  So, if you make this change and your email address is affected. You can run the command provided to reset the email addresses. 

    tscli smtp set-mailfromname <email address>.

    I hope this made sense. If it did not, please open a ticket and the SRE team can assist you in correcting this.  

  • Korey Fort  - Thanks Korey. We made the change in  the .muttrc file and changed realname there.

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