Script to set permissions

Has anyone got any python script they could share to set permissions on tables for specific groups automatically once they have been loaded via TQL? 

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  • You mean to sit on top of the community tools scripts? Those will set the membership, but you have to run them manually. I agree though, this is a prime automation opportunity to wrap around that - just haven't had the chance to do it yet!

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  • Callie Cobbs yeah like an enhancement to the community tools 

    just an extra command you run after you run the create ddl scripts in TQL would be enough 

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  • Gotcha. I was thinking a little broader - maybe an input to put in new users to onboard, select which groups to add/create new, generate the current user file, automatically update it, and then run the command to add.

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  • Callie Cobbs I use AD Sync for users, which will create the user if they don't already exist and assigned them to an existing group, or create the group if it doesn't exist already. 

    Its just the granting of table access to groups that I need to automate. 

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  • Marc Price Makes sense! I am waiting to do a full sync until we are rolled out to a broader (all employees) audience just so I don't clutter my user list for now. 

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  • Callie Cobbs I have created specific AD groups for TS use-cases, so only add people who I want to give access to, but still authenticate with LDAP 

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