Interested in Google GCP use cases

We are actively investigating some expansion of our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform. Our CIO was asking me about front ending some GCP datastore with a Thoughtspot front end ... could be an interesting data architecture for our future. Does anyone have experience with similar use case?

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  • Hi Bob,
    We offer the ability to cache data from any data source including any GCP-hosted ones. For deploying ThoughtSpot itself on GCP, we are currently not certified on GCP. We support AWS. We plan to support GCP in the future but the timeline for this is not set yet.

  • Thanks, Vijay. It is good to hear about the plans to support GCP. We have not moved any workloads or db's to GCP yet but I could see this happening soon. 

    I hear what you are saying re: cache from any data source. Either use data connect or some other approach (TSload, SSIS or other ETL tool)

  • We are on GCP and in the process of setting up a DWH on BigQuery. We would like to see TS future releases hosted on GCP. 

  • Lokesh Ceeba We plan to support running on GCP in the long term. In the meantime, you could consider ThoughtSpot hosted externally with data sourced from GCP.

  • Salesforce and Marketo are both now going to be on GCP. We are actively planning a POC to host customer data (some type of data lake concept) and then use tools such as Thoughtspot for BI

  • Vijay Ganesan Do you have direct connector/adapter for the BigQuery using the Oauth ? Or do we have to do the plain vanilla extracts from BigQuery and then feed via TSload utility to the TS appliance hosted in-house?

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