Ask feature of Geo Bubble visualization

Hi all,

I try to visualize our data using geo bubble, please help to:

  1. I want to display the size of bubble is reflect to value of the unit / amount, so the size will became bigger if quantity of unit is high.
  2. I want to show the legend information of the buble, like the store name, the order type, etc.



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  • hi Sriyono Basuki :

    I tried the same on ThoughtSpot version 5.1 and it allows me to add legends. I've taken an example same as your case. But though the "Total quantity" values vary I see the bubble size as same. Which version of ThoughtSpot are you on?


    When we take off the legend, there is a variation in the bubble size as per "Total Quantity" values. Also I dont see any direct way of setting the size of the bubble. The only customization I see is on the color. 

  • Hi  Shashi

    Thanks for your reply,

    I'm using Thoughtspot 5.0.1

  • Hi Sriyono Basuki ,


    Currently we dont have a way to customize the bubble size. I will work with my team to see if a feature request needs to be created for this and update you by mid next week.

    However, when a legend is not added the bubble size varies as per the values but the size isn't customizable.




  • Shashi thanks for your info.

    for Geo bubble legends (point no.2), is it bugs in thoughtspot v.50.1 or my data is not compatible?

  • Hi Sriyono Basuki : You can file this as feature request from your end.



  • Hi Shashi,

    No.1 is resolved.

    No.2, we already upgrade to thoughtspot 5.1 but the issue can not resolved.

  • Hi Sriyono Basuki ,

    I am not sure as to why you cannot add an attribute under legend. It works for me. I will convey this to the SRE team and we could look into your setup to investigate this.

  • I get this issue on 5.1 also. 

  • Hi Sriyono Basuki . I got to know from our support team that you have now upgraded to 5.2 release. Can you please check for this scenario ?

  • Shashi We already upgraded to ThoughtSpot 5.2 and still not resolved. This issue already submitted as Feature Request and the status still open.

  • Hi Sriyono Basuki . Can you please work with the ThoughtSpot SRE team to have a look at this behavior at your end?

  • Hi Basuki... I think the root of your problem is that for each lat long you have multiple store names and hence TS will not know how to legend it... If you want the store names to appear in the legend, you would need to add a unique lat long for each store... That should solve the issue that you are facing...

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