Help Filtering: Select Text Values in a Column => One Selection in Filter

Hello All,


I would like to combine text values so that they appear under one filter selection. I guess it would be like grouping filters. 

Referencing the example below, I would like the option to combine Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. At default, I would still like them to be separate.  

Note: This is an example, My real issue unfortunately can't be solved by adding a column titled, parent company😓

Has anyone else tried to do this? 

Please and Thank you

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  • Hi Katrina Miyamoto I agree with you that we need to make it easier to choose "similar" values like this. In our planned enhancements to filtering we will likely give you a way to select all items that "startwith" Nordstrom. I can't yet give you a timeframe but it is on the roadmap, along with a number of other improvements to filtering. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Margie Roginski  Thank you! I've been combing through the documentation for days because I didn't know how to word my question! Yes, you got it! Thank you for the update. I'll be looking forward to it.Question answered!

  • Hey Katrina, 

    You can add a formula to your answer that is like: if( contains(Department Store,'nordstrom') ) then 'Nordstrom' else if (contains (Department Store, 'macy') )then 'Macy' else Department Store.  Then your chart will group by this new dimension that you added.  Otherwise for filtering, you can use Department Store contains 'nordstrom' in your search bar. 

    Hope this is helpful.



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