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I am looking for a formula to find the change in fee revenue between two revenue days. These dates will change each day. For example - Today is 3.5.2020. Im looking for the total daily change in fee revenue by client from 3.3.2020 and 3.4.2020 in my current report. In my report I have to fee revenue showing only fee revenue for a sub los 2 (USOU222) , client UHC DUN Name and a single month in a fiscal period (March 2020). Tomorrow 3.6.2020 I would then need the column to automatically update to compare the daily change in revenue from 3.4.2020 and 3.5.2020

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  • Hey Melissa Brunner , Can you use the sum_if formula?  Something like sum_if ( FeeDate = date(add_days(today(),-1)), FeeRevenue) - sum_if(FeeDate = date(add_days(today(),-2)), FeeRevenue)



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  • HI thank you for helping with this!!!

    So I tired " sum_if ( date of revenue = date(add_days(today(),-1)), fees revenue ) - sum_if ( date of revenue = date(add_days(today(),-2)), fees revenue ) " since my Feedate = date of revenue and Fee Revenue= Fees Revenue and my change per day is $0.00. I also tried to replace "date of revenue" with "revenue day" and still $0.00.

    Attached are my columns from Thought spot when creating my pinboard. The "daily date of revenue" column is a formula " date ( revenue day ) " and then filtered by "Daily" in the column header .


    I also need help with a formula to see what the daily average is from the total for the month.

  • Hi Melissa Brunner ,


    I will reach out to directly as this is actually built into our Eng History worksheet with a field called Revenue by Day, which should help answer the overnight revenue questions you have.


    Average revenue per day can be obtained a few different ways in that worksheet as well, so we can chat about that at the same time.

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  • Melissa Brunner Would it be possible for you to add  formulas specifically for the two revenue dates, include those in your table, and show the contents?


    IE, one formula for YesterdayRev, like this:

    sum_if ( date of revenue = date(add_days(today(),-1)), fees revenue) 

    And one formula for DayBeforeYesterdayRev, like this:

    sum_if ( date of revenue = date(add_days(today(),-2)), fees revenue)

    I'm trying to understand if these are both generating zero for all rows. You could blot out the numbers if you don't want to show those. I'm mainly intersested in seeing the value in Daily Date of Revenue, and whether the values in these new columns are zero or non-zero.


    Product Manager, Data Visualization and Analytics

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  • Hi Margie,


    This worked perfectly actually and gives me the results I need for daily change !

    Thank you !! 

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