Editing a pin loses the pinboard filter

I think I already know the answer to this question (i.e. it's working as designed), but just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.  

When you have a pinboard, with pinboard level filters, and you do a 'Copy and edit' for one of the pins on the pinboard, the pinboard filters don't transfer over.  So if you had several pinboard filters, with various selections, you'd need to re-create those filters and selections when you copy and edit the pin.  Is this correct?

Again, I think this is by design, just looking for confirmation.  We're currently on v5.2 and will upgrade to v6 soon, so I don't know if the behavior on v6 is different.

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  • Hi Michael Darrow , that is correct.

    Filters in "copy and edit" haven't been included by design. We are working on improving the functionality to include pinboard filters also and it should be available in future releases. 

  • Thank you Paola.

  • I think the ability to add filters to individual answers on a pinboard would also be a good feature to add I the future 

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