Rank not working with Formulas

Hi all,


I am trying to use rank function on a calculated Formula (e.g. field (int) A / field (int) B), but I receive the attached error.

At the moment it seems rank/rank_percentile only work with data fields and not formulas, can you confirm and also propose alternatives or a timeline for the support of formulas?



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  • have you tried adding the formula to a worksheet and then adding the Rank to that field in an answer? 

  • Hi Marc, yes that's what I am trying. See below screenshots.  After finishing the rank formula in a question i get the initial error.

  • Hi David,

    What about creating a Search with your calculated formula and saving the results as a View. Then, using the view, you can rank the results. 

    It will greatly limit user ability to drill into the ranked view, but users can always go back to the worksheet that was used to create the view and drill in.

    I tested it with an AdventureWorks sample database.



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  • Maybe it would work using the In statement? 

  • Mike Batovsky This is a nice workaround, thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunately not what I was looking for. The overall idea is to create a dimension based on a percentile calculation (in this case we group agents from group A-D based on their achievement) and all these metrics can only be calculated on the fly. Something we were able to do via Tableau and SQL.

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