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In my Worksheet, they are multiple columns (Client name, Investment type 1, Investment type 2, Investment type 3...) and I would like to create a column called "Type of investment" retrieving "Investment type 1, 2, 3 etc". 
So when I select "type of Investment", it shows the different types, already existing in the worksheet.


Can you help me out?



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  • Is it possible to have multiple values. I.e. a value in 1, value in 2 etc? If so you will need to unpivot the date from columns to rows. I.e. the structure should be 

    Client Name, Type of Investment

    Acme Corp, Investment Type 1

    Acme Corp, Investment Type 2

    Acme Corp, Investment Type 3

    If you can only have one value then you could write a formula using If. I.e.

    If(Investment Type 1 <> '') then Investment Type 1 else If(Investment Type 2 <> '') then Investment Type 2 etc.

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  • Thanks for your answer! I have tried to create this formula, it doesn't work. Please see below an illustration of what I am trying to do. Thanks

  • Looks like you are going to have to pivot the data, and create an investment type column

  • Marc Price Ok thank you foryour answer!

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  • Yes agree. You need to unpivot the data. 

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